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Master Thesis

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Das, Sreekanta (Civil & Environmental Engineering)


Engineering, Structural.



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In this study experimental and numerical investigation to determine the behavior of gusset plate connections with one and two bolts under quasi-static monotonically increasing tension load was undertaken. The experiments on full-scale gusset plate connections were undertaken in the Structural Engineering Laboratory of the University of Windsor. The numerical modeling and analysis were undertaken using commercially available finite element code, ABAQUS. The results obtained from experimental and numerical methods agree well. The results of the study were also used to determine the strain distribution in the gusset plates connected with one and two bolts. The yield load of gusset plate specimens were used to determine the effective width of gusset plate. It was found that angle of load dispersion for gusset plate with two bolts ranges from 25 to 32 degree which is approximately half of angle (60 Degree) suggested by Whitmore.