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Cherian, Finney


autoethnography, curriculum, home education, homeschooling, philosophy of education, teaching styles


The traditional method of acquiring and receiving an education in Canada is to send children to government run schools, funded by the public. The promise of education attained through traditional schooling remains on structured and formal learning. Concerned about the education and safety of their children, an increasing number of parents are seeking educational alternatives. My family, in particular, sought out a new reform: the promise of homeschooling. This thesis adopted a qualitative approach using autoethnography to examine my perceptions and my realities on the subject of homeschooling, while interrogating the promise of education along intellectual, social, and interpersonal dimensions. This qualitative inquiry is designed to discover more deeply the feelings and perceptions that emerge when homeschooling occurs while an essentialism educational philosophy and an authoritarian teaching style is dominant in the classroom. I will share my personal experience engaging in cultural, educational, and social pressures and will provide insights on these approaches from a homeschooled student’s perspective as a researcher.