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Master Thesis

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Zhang, Zuochen


English language teachers; English test preparation schools; instructional design; models of training; teacher training




English test preparation schools are becoming increasingly popular in China as students seek to prepare for entrance exams into international schools, and consequently the number of English language teachers in China has substantially increased. However, these teachers do not all have consistent training, an oversight that may negatively impact student outcomes, and there is limited research on these training methods. Therefore, the current study explores and evaluates the training methods used at an English test preparation school in China. The research employs a qualitative approach that includes semi-structured interviews with 12 new teacher trainees who work at an English test preparation school in a major city of the northwestern part of China. The study concludes that factors such as the analysis of new teacher trainees’ academic backgrounds and training expectations, trainers’ proficiency, provision of training materials and the evaluation feedback to the teacher trainees contribute greatly to the level of teacher trainees’ satisfaction towards the training. Overall, the findings of this study potentially benefit English test preparation schools, which can adjust their new teacher-training program to better meet the needs of teacher trainees.