Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Computer Science

First Advisor

Ahmad, Imran


3D visualization; Agent-based model; Crisis training; Crowd simulation; Gaming environment; Visual arts




Crowd simulation study has become a favorite subject in the computer graphics community in the past three decades. It usually is a sub-function within many applications such as video games, films, and public security. This thesis proposes an independent crowd simulation model that is capable of running an Agent-based method through a gaming environment. It can simulate realistic human crowds with user-controllable features to provide a gaming-like experience. Our approach features an enhanced rendering system based on Distinguishable Agents Generating Method (DAGM). This method can generate distinguishable and scalable 3D human models in real-time. We also introduce our Multi-layer Collision System (MCS), which features a collision-message collection system and an evaluation processing system. We also introduce Building & City-planning Generating System (BCGS) for the purpose of setting up obstacles for the crowd during an evacuation simulation. Moreover, in this thesis, we also extend the study to other aspects such as crisis training and human animations to provide a complete agent-based crowd simulation model.