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Doctoral Thesis

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Active Learning; Canada, Turkey, Iran Education; Globalization; Leadership Style; Learning Organization; United Nations Education Goals


Rideout, Glenn




or a global society to function well its members need certain attitudes, such as a desire for cooperation, mutual understanding and respect, as well as continuous and self-motivated learning. A model of education is needed that engenders these attitudes such that students critically understand these attitudes instead of passively accept them. This kind of education requires leadership that agrees with, and engages in, the same attitudes. This dissertation proposes a model of educational leadership for a global society, and presents an exploration and comparison of public high schools across three countries: Canada, Turkey, and Iran. The proposed model consists of three interrelated dimensions: leadership style (transformational leadership and high leadership delegation), organizational structure (highly ranked Learning Organization structure that is more horizontal than vertical), and approach to learning (an active learning approach that utilizes critical pedagogy). The schools were explored in terms of: their current practices and policies in the three dimensions, how well they ranked in those dimensions relative to the proposed model, and what obstacles exist for implementing the proposed model. A case study methodology was used in which 15 participants (5 per country) at different organizational levels (students, teachers, and principals) were interviewed to gather their opinions. The interview questions were organized by the three dimensions and followed the INVEST framework for Learning Organizations.