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Master Thesis

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classroom assessment, motivation to learn, students’ perceptions


Zhang, Zuochen




The purpose of this study was to investigate Chinese graduate students’ perceptions of classroom assessment at a Canadian university. Data collection for the study was comprised of two parts: an online survey for the collection of quantitative data, and semi-structured interviews for the collection of qualitative data. Sixty-two participants (n=62) voluntarily finished the online questionnaire and ten interview participants took part in semi-structured interviews. The exploration into the participants illustrated that Chinese graduate students held positive perceptions of classroom assessment at the Canadian university where the study was conducted, in terms of congruence with planned learning, authenticity, student consultation, transparency, and diversity. However, the lower values for student consultation and diversity imply that students were not consulted and informed adequately about the forms of assessment tasks being employed, and teachers were not adequately concerned about students’ diversity with regard to issues such as students’ different abilities and the time required to finish their assessments. Also, there were no significant differences in Chinese graduate students’ perceptions of classroom assessment by gender, program of study, and year in the program, but significant differences in their perceptions by self-perceived level of English proficiency. Finally, in order to enhance students’ learning and motivation to learn, the research suggested that six factors of classroom assessment should be emphasized: timeliness, score, authenticity, forms of assessment, assessment guidance, and assessment feedback.