Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing

First Advisor

Cabri, Louis




Personal Immunization Record is a poetry collection that uses poetry as a medium to represent and enact the mind coping with the mood disorder known as depression. The manuscript contains works created using five different techniques: constrained writing, concrete poetry, found poetry, confessional poetry, and stream-of-consciousness. The different styles have allowed me to illustrate and exhibit different stages of coping, from denial to acknowledgement, and eventually acceptance and coping – which is the goal: to live well, despite the condition. I worked with personal experiences to depict the positive effects of a mind given space to work and reflect. The poems show how the mind expresses itself through poetry in different styles. The topic of mental illness is important to acknowledge considering how prevalent, but how silenced, neglected, and misrepresented, it is in our society. My essay explores how in Personal Immunization Record depression is illustrated in its various stages using five poetry techniques and how they complement or contrast with the works of other poets.