Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing

First Advisor

Markotic, Nicole




“Wandermust” is a collection of prose poems that uses both poetic descriptive language and narrative to portray the persona’s experiences in her hometown and abroad. The collection makes use of nonce words as a compositional strategy to facilitate a more visceral reading experience and to develop the persona’s character, since existing words in the English lexicon do not always suffice in conveying the persona’s concept of a sensory experience. Just as the nonce words aid the persona in exploring and expressing her surroundings and her identity, they foster an experience in which the reader can explore and experience the nuances of the English language. By reading new words, the reader travels through and tours the English language; they read words yoked together that may never have been compounded before, process word hybridizations for new and existing ideas, view nouns and adjectives from the angles of verbs, and imagine written sound in new ways. The more intricately descriptive aspects of the poetry also function to breathe life into the settings in which the persona finds herself, turning settings into characters with which she interacts. Some of these prose poems read as flash fictions, whereas others read as run-on sentences or fragmented sentences in a stream-of-consciousness poetic style that reflects the persona’s processing of and curiosity about her surroundings. Both the content of the poems and their fluctuating formats mirror the persona’s restlessness as they portray her continual search for belonging, identity, and fulfillment – a journey that, by the end of the manuscript, she is still undertaking.