Date of Award


Publication Type

Doctoral Thesis

Degree Name



Civil and Environmental Engineering


Basalt, Bending, Composite, Corrosion, Pipeline, Rehabilitation


Das, Sreekanta


Carriveau, Rupp




Corrosion in oil and gas pipelines is a major integrity problem for pipeline operators. Throughout their lifespan, pipelines experience a variety of loads including internal pressure, external pressure, bending, and axial loads. These load combinations along with corrosion defect make the pipes vulnerable to failure. Traditional corrosion repair techniques require hot work and can be very expensive. In recent years, researchers have been exploring the possibility of using new techniques and materials to repair defective sections of pipelines. Carbon and glass fibre-reinforced polymers have been proven to enhance the burst strength of corroded pipes. However, few studies were found in the literature that investigated the effectiveness of using composites to restore the bending performance of the corroded pipes. Basalt is a natural rock and hence, a green material and abundant in nature. Basalt fibre is produced from Basalt rock. The mechanical properties of basalt fibre are better than glass, while it is much cheaper than carbon. Although it has been effectively used to repair several structural elements, however, no research was found to use BFRP composite to repair corroded pipelines. The purpose of this research is to experimentally and numerically investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of using BFRP composite wrap on restoring the behaviour of the pressurized corroded pipes while subject to bending load. The experimental study was conducted in two phases: Phase A and phase B. Seven full-scale laboratory experiments were tested in phase A and five full-scale specimens were tested in phase B. Several finite element model-based parametric studies were performed using ABAQUS software. Based on experimental and numerical results, it was found that biaxial BFRP composite can effectively rehabilitate and restore the bending capacity of the corroded pipes and prevent wrinkle formation.