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Master Thesis

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First Advisor

Greig, Christopher


Canada, cultural background, ethnicity, gender, international undergraduate students, lived experiences




My main objective in conducting this research study is to explore the gendered experiences of six international undergraduate students in their home countries, and in Canada. Studying as a graduate student in the Faculty of Education focusing on education administration, together with the support from the ISC (International Students Center) administrators, I was able to conduct research in the University X, Ontario, Canada. I used a case study method as my qualitative research strategy, and interview process as my research method. Personal interviews were conducted with each of the six participants, who were all international undergraduate students studying at the University X. These interviews were conducted to learn about their academic and social experiences, and discover how does gender, together with other social categories such as race, ethnicity, social class, cultural background shape their experiences. As a researcher, I provided insight into the participants’ lived experiences from the past to the present, their feeling of loneliness, as well as their academic and financial struggles. This study may bring more awareness to the Canadian Government and the public, as it will help promote the international programs as well as support for the international students in various manners. In addition, it may also support future researchers to conduct similar research studies with the purpose of capturing the lived experiences, gender beliefs, personal stories of undergraduate international students studying in Ontario, Canada.