Model Predictive Control System Design of a passenger car for Valet Parking Scenario

Oussama Erraji, University of Windsor


A recent expansion of passenger cars’ automated functions has led to increasingly challenging design problems for the engineers. Among this the development of Automated Valet Parking is the latest addition. The system represents the next evolution of automated system giving the vehicle greater autonomy: the efforts of most automotive OEMs go towards achieving market deployment of such automated function. To this end the focus of each OEM is on taking part to this competitive endeavor and succeed by developing a proprietary solution with the support of hardware and software suppliers. Within this framework the present work aims at developing an effective control strategy for the considered scenarios. In order to reach this goal a Model Predictive Control approach is employed taking advantage of previous works within the automotive OEM in the automated driving field. The control algorithm is developed in a Simulink® simulation according to the requirements of the application and tested; results show the control strategy successfully drives the vehicle on the predefined path.