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Master Thesis

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First Advisor

Geri Salinitri


Mathematics Anxiety, Mathematics Teacher Efficacy, Primary/Junior Pre-Service Education, Teacher Education




The topic of mathematics education in Ontario has become an increasing concern in the last decade, as mathematics standardized test scores among elementary students have been on a consistent downward trajectory since the early 2000s (Stokke, 2015). Teachers often identify their negative experiences and relationships with mathematics in their own schooling as affecting their attitudes towards mathematics and teaching mathematics. Teachers’ own anxieties or negative relationships with mathematics can perhaps be inadvertently passed on to their students, further perpetuating the negative connotation that many individuals associate with mathematics (Bates, Latham, & Kim, 2011). The purpose of this study is to explore pre-service teachers’ perceptions of their confidence and self-efficacy in teaching mathematics in a primary/junior teacher education program. This study explored the nature of pre-service teachers’ perceptions of their confidence and self-efficacy in learning to teach mathematics, which content areas are understood and not understood by the primary/junior pre-service teachers, and how their pre and post perceptions advance our understanding of their learning to teach Mathematics in the new two-year Bachelor of Education program in Ontario.