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Master Thesis

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English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing

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Karl Jirgens


Absurdism, Funeral, Humour, Masculinity, Satire, Suicide



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The Visitation is an absurdist drama set at a funeral parlour during the funerary viewing of a young man who has died by suicide. The play follows a realistic framework, both in structure and subject matter. Throughout the play, characters interact and discuss difficult topics such as suicide, hegemonic masculinity, mortality, and morality. Written as a Menippean satire, the play uses absurdist and often dark humour to disarm audiences while simultaneously bringing these difficult topics to their attention. The aim is to allow audiences to question and re-evaluate their beliefs on the areas discussed. While the subject matter is often difficult, it serves the greater goal of removing the stigma or “taboo” from these topics by presenting dialogues that are both frank and true to life