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Master Thesis

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Susan Holloway


adult literacy, bilingual adult female English Language Learners, ELL classes, mature female learners, Multiliteracies pedagogy, multimodal approach



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This study investigates how the formal teaching and learning theory of multiliteracies serves mature female English Language Learners in Iran. A multiliteracies approach aims to influence the impact of the dramatically changing social and technological contexts of communication and learning and the potential contribution of a multimodal approach to adult language teaching and learning in the educational context. Data collection and analysis included collaborative researcher and teacher-participant lesson planning, 3 curriculum intervention workshops, observation and field notes, document analysis, and in-depth interviews to explore the English language development of the adult female participants of this research. This research provided the participants with the opportunity to engage with multiliteracies pedagogy designed to meet the specific learning needs of adult female English Language Learners (ELLs). The study unexpectedly found the more mature females were more engaged than their younger counterparts in workshop activities.