Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Civil and Environmental Engineering


Bioremediation, In Situ Aeration, Oxygen Diffusion, Sewage Treatment, Water Treatment


Rajesh Seth




India, and much of South-Asia is currently plagued with an epidemic that threatens one of the most fundamental resources for human survival – clean drinking water. Many of these issues are related to the improper management of sewage. Installation and implementation of conveyance and treatment infrastructure to help manage this waste is often impractical in many circumstances. In an effort to help address this issue, the practicality of implementing aeration technologies within existing drainage infrastructure contaminated with diffuse organic material was evaluated. For this evaluation, Sonia Vihar Lake, a small drainage pond in Delhi, India was found to be suitable for demonstration. This demonstration utilized Bubble Tubing® provided by Products Ltd to provide additional aeration to the pond. The results of this analysis found that this technology was able to effectively and efficiently manage organic loading within the basin. Estimated oxygen transfer was determined to be 77.2 kg/d which was validated by the measured value of BOD reduction 89.8 kg/d with a deviation of 14%. In addition to this analysis, further investigation was undertaken to evaluate the practicality of implementing other aeration systems throughout the region. This study altered loading, system design and site physical parameters to help illustrate the impacts on system lifecycle finances (capital, operational and maintenance costs). The findings of this exercise determined that in-situ aeration systems offer an economically viable alternative to traditional sewage management.