Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Civil and Environmental Engineering


Hanna Maoh




This thesis presents the research work that was conducted to model passenger mode choice behavior during the peak period in the Windsor-Essex area. The research focused on investigating the presence of preference heterogeneity in the mode choice process. While socio-economic characteristics are important variables influencing the type of chosen mode, identifying the presence of heterogeneity with regard to level-of-service (LOS) attributes across different socio-economic subgroups of population is also important. Using a dataset extracted from the 1997 Windsor-Essex Household Travel Survey, Multinomial and Mixed Logit models were developed. The results identified a number of significant socio-economic variables. Also, the results suggested the presence of heterogeneity among various population subgroups for work, non-work and shopping related trips. Simulations were performed to analyze the single and combined effects of various LOS and residential intensification initiatives on mode choice probabilities. The recommendations from this research provide useful insights about the factors influencing the choice of travel mode, as well as the impacts of policy initiatives on mode choice behavior.