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Master Thesis

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Woodruff, S.J.




The purpose of this thesis was to investigate how a natural female mentoring program can be enhanced through a Hope and Strengths perspective (Paraschak, 2013) to reach a common goal for the Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society (WECAS) Girls Program. Adolescent girls from the WECAS Girls Program, foster parents whose foster daughters have attended the WECAS Girls Program, one program administrator and one mentor of the program participated in semi-structured one-on-one interviews. The interview guide was separated into three pre-determined categories: (1) strengths, (2) resources, and (3) hope; whereby several themes emerged using a thematic analysis with an inductive approach. From the thematic analysis, three themes emerged from the strengths category including organizational characteristics, diversity and exposure, and leadership. Themes from the resource category emerged including female mentors, other participants in the WECAS Girls Program, emotional support, safe space, and opportunities for physical activity. Themes emerged from the hope category including engagement, empowerment, friendship, and life skills. The results of this program evaluation revealed that a natural mentoring program for adolescent girls in foster care may be fostering friendship and support networks between the mentors and the participants, offering empowerment and a safe space through the exposure and diversity of the WECAS Girls Program, as well as teaching life skills for adolescent girls currently involved in and aging out of foster care.