Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering


Balachandar, R.


Engine Cooling, Experimental Flow Bench, System Simulation, Water Jacket




The engine cooling system in a vehicle ensures that the engine runs at its most efficient temperature under a variety of operating conditions. The system includes heat exchangers, a thermostat, pump, plumbing lines and a cooling water jacket. Each branch of the system and its different components need to receive adequate coolant flow. A system simulation (1D) model of the coolant loop is generated with components of the system individually characterized using geometry and/or performance data. Accurately modelling and capturing the flow behaviour of the coolant through the entire system, including the complex water jacket, poses a particular challenge. This thesis explores the use of experimental flow benches to support the research into converting a physical engine cooling system into a robust 1D system model. GT-SUITE software is used as the system simulation modelling platform, and its built-in application GEM3D is used to convert the 3D CAD geometry. A detailed investigation is performed by carefully splitting the plumbing and water jacket into multiple flow components. Non-dimensional pressure loss and Reynolds number are calculated based on pressure drop and flow rate data, for a wide range of temperatures including extreme cold conditions. Outcomes of this thesis include an in-depth and improved modelling process, well validated component and system level models, and an overall reduction in cost and time to achieve accurate results.