Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering


Blow-through, Charge-air-cooler, Condensation, Entrainment, Fraction carryover, Weber number


Jianu, O.




The effect of the Weber number and inclination angle on the fraction carryover of the condensation found in a vehicle charge-air-cooler were experimentally investigated under steady state conditions. The validity of describing the fraction carryover in terms of the Weber number, using the heat exchanger fin spacing as the significant length, was explored. Condensate entrainment testing was performed at multiple heat exchanger face velocities and the fraction of condensate that is blown through with respect to the total amount was recorded for angles ranging between 0 and 50 degrees. A positive agreement between the results obtained and those from literature was found for the use of the Weber number as the governing parameter for heat exchanger condensate entrainment. A predictive equation valid between charge-air-cooler angles of 0 and 40 degrees was obtained to describe the expected entrainment that uses the Weber number, and a critical Weber number as input. Supplementary testing was also performed to observe the physical effects of a shearing air flow on a liquid bridge suspended between two plates. The observational testing showed that a liquid bridge may react in four different ways to the airflow, depending on the velocity.