Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Computer Science


Arunita Jaekel




In recent years there has been an increasing number of applications that require periodic use of lightpaths at predefined time intervals, such as database backup and on-line classes. A new traffic model, referred to as the scheduled traffic model, has been proposed to handle such scheduled lightpath demands. In this thesis we present two new integer linear program ( ILP) formulations for the more general sliding scheduled traffic model, where the setup and teardown times may vary within a specified range. We consider both wavelength convertible networks and networks without wavelength conversion capability. Our ILP formulations jointly optimize the problem of scheduling the demands ( in time) and allocating resources for the scheduled lightpaths. Simulation results show that our formulations are able to generate optimal solutions for practical sized networks. For larger networks, we have proposed a fast two-step heuristic to solve the demand scheduling problem and the RWA problem separately.