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Master Thesis

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Dragana Martinovic

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Geri Salinitri

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Wai Ling Yee


Education, Social sciences



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This qualitative case study examined factors that impact university female students' decisions to pursue careers in mathematics-related disciplines as well as the obstacles they encounter in the pursuit of their chosen careers. Data were collected through face-to-face and focus group interviews from six students in the second to final year from Mathematics and Physics departments at the mid-size university in Canada. The findings indicate that females made the decision to pursue careers mostly out of genuine interest in mathematics and science, and that they persevered in the face of obstacles due to strong self-confidence, sense of determination, hard work/effort, and enjoyment in their subjects. The findings point to the importance of stimulating female's interest in mathematics-related disciplines through exposure to positive experiences from a younger age and confirm the role that teachers and parents have as crucial for female's participation in non-traditional career pursuits.