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Master Thesis

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Paul Henshaw


Applied sciences



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This research study investigates the factors influencing the overall appearance of an automobile and intends to develop a scientifically-justified quality standard for automotive coatings based on the BYK instrument and human perceptions of quality. Painted panels of three different colors; silver, white and blue were visually evaluated by 30 panelists of various demographic backgrounds, who ranked the paint panels individually from the best to worst.

Ranking of silver and white paint panels exhibited strong correlations (R2 adjusted = 82.0% and 90.3%) with BYK parameters. The measured BYK values of paint panels remain statistically unchanged before and after the experiment. Blue colored panel data resulted in a regression model with a weak correlation (23.4%) between median rank and the BYK parameters. Further studies need to be conducted to establish a scientific method to obtain an acceptable value for BYK parameters.