Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Earth and Environmental Sciences


Phil A. Graniero


Applied sciences, Earth sciences




The environment has become a topic of great public and academic concern. Monitoring studies of environmental variables are needed to allow control strategies and policy-/decision-making to be applied effectively. This thesis presents an overview of the main issues and requirements for the capabilities of integration, flexibility and scalability for complex environmental monitoring applications. The scope and depth of the topics are considerable and are developing rapidly in line with new technology and computational techniques. The author proposes and designs an architectural framework to develop advanced integrated environmental monitoring systems (A-ITEMS), which feeds the requirements of complex environmental monitoring systems. Afterwards, in terms of the theoretical and technical investigation on the A-ITEMS, this thesis demonstrates the key ideas by implementing an Integrated Watershed Telemetry (IWT) system. The practical design and simulation implementation of the IWT system does show that the A-ITEMS has the significant flexibility and capability to adapt to complex environmental monitoring applications.