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The system Ca(OH)2 : Gd3+ was studied by electron para-magnetic resonance methods, to observe and measure ground state splitting in the Gd3+ ion (8S7/2). Fine structure was observed and the angular variation seemed consistant with a trigonal field.

The Spin Hamiltonian[special characters omitted] was solved by an exact diagonalization process and the crystal field terms fitted using a multi-dimensional least squares method. The parameters were found to be[special characters omitted]

In gauss[special characters omitted]

The fit had an R.M.S. error of 88 gauss for 63 lines.

It was postulated and is being tested at present that the B22, B42 and B44 terms should be considered in the Hamiltonian. The intensity ratios were found to be 4 : 8 : 12 : 16 : 12 : 10 : 5.

The fit including orthorhombic terms had an R.M.S. error of 91 gauss and so offered no improvement. Terms that are non-linear in P magnetic field are to be considered next, followed by hyperfine and nuclear Zeeman terms.