Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Social Work

First Advisor

Dr. Bruce Bidgood

Second Advisor

Dr. Michael J. Holosko

Third Advisor

Dr. Irene Carter




This study explores the perceptions of prevalence of dually-diagnosed individuals in London/Middlesex County, collaboration between service providers, gaps in service, and models of practice related to best practice literature. Results from a sample of 11 qualitative interviews suggests the following: an abundance of services in the region; limited capacity; lack of service coordination and formal centralized access mechanisms; need for front-line education and cross-training; issues between the Ministries and the LHIN; and unclear roles and expectations between community service providers and inpatient facilities. Key informant's reports of best practices include: person-centred strategies; specialized services; community-based teams of multi-disciplinary staff; flexible service structure; collaboration and coordination in service provision; and sharing of expertise. Implications for social work practice are discussed, as well as a proposed model of treatment and recommendations for future studies.