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Master Thesis

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Cheng, Shaohong (Civil and Environmental Engineering)


Civil Engineering.



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Selecting an optimum damper size for a specific cable with designed damper location is very important. An experimental study of cable vibration mitigation by using external viscous damper was carried out in the present work. A linear viscous oil damper with six adjustable damper sizes was designed and fabricated. The experimental work mainly focused on evaluating the equivalent structural damping ratio of a cable-damper system using forced vibration tests. General damper design curves based on the current experimental results have been developed and compared with those in the existing literature. In addition, the damper stiffness effect, which is ignored in the past work, has been extensively studied. Results show that the impact of damper stiffness on its efficiency is highly dependent on the damper location. An approximately linear relationship is found to exist between the damper stiffness and the damping ratio. As stiffness of the damper increases, the equivalent modal damping ratio of the system will decrease.