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English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing


Language, literature and linguistics, Documentary-collage, Original writing



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The Gardener's Journal uses the literary form of the documentary-collage and follows the narrative of the florist business of the Eilers family. The "documentary-collage" form is a form that takes collected documents and narratives and arranges these elements in a collage like fashion throughout the text. The project traces the history of the Eilers family business through family documents such as a private family memoir and collected family narratives. The documentary-collage form allows for the juxtaposition of the disparate elements of family document and fictionalized family narrative. The juxtaposition of narrative and document highlights the intersection of different historically contextual discourses, represented by the family documents, in the characters of Alfred and Lotti. The text explores how these differing discourses (discourses of business, family, economics, war, gender etc.) both influence Alfred and Lotti and are possibly influenced by Alfred and Lotti.