Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

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Dr. Jonathan Wu


Applied sciences




In this study, two models are proposed, one is a visual hull model and another one is a 3D object reconstruction model. The proposed visual hull model, which is based on bounding edge representation, obtains high time performance which makes it to be one of the best methods. The main contribution of the proposed visual hull model is to provide bounding surfaces over the bounding edges, which results a complete triangular surface mesh. Moreover, the proposed visual hull model can be computed over the camera networks distributedly. The second model is a depth map based 3D object reconstruction model which results a watertight triangular surface mesh. The proposed model produces the result with acceptable accuracy as well as high completeness, only using stereo matching and triangulation. The contribution of this model is to playing with the 3D points to find the best reliable ones and fitting a surface over them.