Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Computer Science

First Advisor

Arunita Jaekel


Applied sciences




Wireless mobile communication is a fast growing field in current telecommunication industry. In a wireless cellular network, channel assignment is a mechanism that assigns channels to mobile users in order to establish a communication between a mobile terminal and a base station. It is important to determine an optimal allocation of channels that makes effective use of channels and minimizes call-blocking and call-dropping probabilities. Another important issue, the power control, is a problem of determining an optimal allocation of power levels to transmitters such that the power consumption is minimized while signal quality is maintained. In wireless mobile networks, channels and transmitter powers are limited resources. Therefore, efficient utilization of both those resources can significantly increase the capacity of network.

In this thesis, we solve such optimizations by the hybrid channel assignment (HCA) method using integer linear programming (ILP). Two novel sets of ILP formulation are proposed for two different cases: Reuse Distance based HCA without power control, and Carrier-to-Interference Ratio based HCA combined with power control. For each of them, our experimental results show an improvement over other several approaches.