Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


I4.0, Implementation strategy, Small medium enterprises, Smart factory, SME


Hoda ElMaraghy




I4.0 implementation strategy is a tool that aids small and medium enterprises to meet the fourth industrial revolution pre-requisites and standards. The main objective of the current research that has been achieved is that it established an industry 4.0 implementation strategy for SMEs, that is capable of providing enterprises with the most effective road map to overcome the obstacles faced by SMEs during transformation and accomplish the fourth industrial revolution’s standards. A roadmap and the implementation strategy will be specifically tailored to the participating enterprise, based on their assessment scores. The implementation strategy requires four consecutive steps including Maturity Assessment, Influence Assessment, Roadmap Construction, and Implementation. An Industry 4.0 implementation strategy has been devised to increase the accuracy of assessing SME’s technological maturity level by providing a weighting factor for relevant implementation dimensions by using an Analytic hierarchy process (AHP). Weight factors were established to identify dimensions that are most influential at small/medium manufacturing enterprises and prioritize their transformation. A total maturity score of the enterprise as a whole valued between 0-100 is determined at the end of the maturity assessment through utilizing radar charts. This research includes a case study that was conducted at SPM Automation Inc., a local small-sized enterprise, where the proposed four-step implementation strategy was conducted and succeeded to measure the current I4.0 maturity score which was 33% and create an implementation strategy that targets the most influential dimensions and prioritize their transformation.