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Master Thesis

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Zuochen Zhang


Academic adjustment, Chinese visiting scholars, Cross-cultural adaptation, Teacher professional development




In recent years, an increasing number of visiting scholars from China come to Canada and international academic adjustment is considered an important component in their professional development. However, a review of relevant literature indicates that there is a lack of research on Chinese visiting scholars regarding their academic adjustment experience at their host institution. Drawing upon semi-structured interviews with nine Chinese visiting scholar participants, three host professor participants, and three graduate student participants, this research aims to examine Chinese visiting scholars’ academic adjustment experiences at a middle-sized Canadian university in Ontario, and to understand how they perceive their international experiences in connection with their professional development. Based on participants’ reports of their motivations, expectations, challenges and strategies during their visits, this research attempts to understand Chinese visiting scholars’ international academic experience. This research also offers some suggestions to future international visiting scholars on how to engage in a new academic community, and to members of host institutions—including faculty members and graduate students—on how to benefit from the diverse expertise of international visiting scholars.