Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

First Advisor

Hoda ElMaraghy


Assessment, Fixture, Reconfigurable




The needs of consumers are changing over time. As a result, the manufacturers are looking for new methods to adapt effectively and efficiently to market changes. These involve supplying customers with a variety of products in a reasonable time with decreasing the cost. Reconfigurable fixtures are an important means for dealing with increased product variety and shorter life cycles, as they help change between the product variants effectively and decrease the time and resources required to introduce new product variants. In this thesis, an integrated method to assess the reconfigurability of assembly fixtures is developed. This assessment is based on four core reconfigurability characteristics: scalability, modularity, convertibility, and customized flexibility. A clear definition of the scalability of the reconfigurable assembly fixtures was developed. A mathematical model for each characteristic of reconfigurable assembly fixtures was developed. Their indices were determined then combined using a radar plot to assess the reconfigurability of the reconfigurable assembly fixture. Welding tack fixture is chosen as a case study in this thesis. Two redesign recommendations were proposed. The results showed the most appropriate design with highest reconfigurability index because it was designed to produce the same number of product variants with less reconfiguration time, cost, effort, and complexity. The significance of research in this thesis is to help in the design stage of the assembly fixture by comparing different configurations for the assembly fixture to choose the best one and suggesting some changes for the assembly fixture design and configuration. This is essential to minimize the number of fixtures to be produced when the new part component/ variant is introduced.