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Computer Science

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Jessica Chen


finite state machines, conformance testing, test generation, testing in context, test sequences, applied sciences, executability, implementation under test



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Testing each software component in isolation is not always feasible. We consider testing a deterministic Implementation Under Test (IUT) together with some other correctly implemented components as its context. One of the essential issues of testing in context is test executability problem, i.e., tests generated solely from the specification of the IUT may not be executable due to the uncontrollable interaction between the IUT and its context. On the other hand, generating a test sequence from the abstract specifications of a stateful IUT and its context often suffers from the well-known state explosion problem. In this dissertation, we solve the problem of generating a minimal-length test sequence from a given specification of a stateful IUT and its embedded context. By adopting model checking techniques, we avoid the state explosion problem during test generation and avoid the test executability problem during testing in context.