Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Narayan Chandra Kar


Applied sciences




This thesis covers the dynamic modeling and analysis of self-excited induction generators (SEIG) used in wind turbine applications. The process of self excitation or build-up of terminal voltage of an induction generator is explained as a physical process and also mathematically using higher order differential equations. A complete system model in d-q axis stationary reference frame has been formulated that consists of several non-linear differential equations. The non-linear variation of the magnetizing inductance with stator current of the induction machine has been taken into account in this model. Moreover this mathematical model takes skin effect into consideration. The rotor parameters determined from standard induction machine tests are modified by taking the rotor bar geometry, the material of the rotor bars and the frequency of the induced emf into account. The developed model has been used to analyze the performance of two industrial type 7.5 hp induction machines, one with an aluminium-rotor, the other with copper-rotor. A comparative performance analysis of these aluminum-rotor and copper-rotor SEIGs, considering saturation and skin effect has been carried out both theoretically and experimentally, and presented in the thesis.