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Doctoral Thesis

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George Zhou


appropriate, energy, learning, solar, sustain, technology



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Appropriate technologies, as simple, energy efficient advancements that are appropriate for the context, improve lives locally and around the world. The continued use of these technologies is fundamental for solutions to address concerns about the environment and standards of living today. It is important to understand the learning of these technologies as meaningful connections to facilitate their ongoing use. This qualitative research with case study methodology and a focus on social learning, specifically investigated the learning that occurs which sustains the use of residential solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. This study defines sustaining learning, demonstrating that the process: is motivated by finances and helping the planet; originates with a family member as a passionate initiator; highlights prior knowledge by connecting with a passion in people’s backgrounds; involves learning with others both inside and outside the home; inspires further learning for future applications, and; involves less learning post installation than anticipated. Implications include those for family members and solar technology companies to continue to make meaningful connections for enduring solar technology use.