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Master Thesis

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering

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Leo Oriet


Accelerated, Bearing, Fault Detection, Testing



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In this research thesis, a new method for accelerated lifetime testing (ALT) of high-speed bearings is discussed. The rapid development of products, and the longer lifespan of bearings on high-speed applications, have generated demand for the accelerated testing method.A new method is explained for ALT of the bearings. The life of the bearings is reduced by producing higher external force on them. This external force is produced as a result of the gyroscopic couple on a newly developed test bench.This research paper describes various tests for the validation of the new method of ALT of bearings. Furthermore, experiments are discussed for monitoring the health status of bearings by analysing the electrical current of the Brushless Direct Current motor that is running the bearings in the product.