Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Chemistry and Biochemistry


Drew Marquardt




The following thesis describes the background information of vitamin A and vitamin E. Also, information about quality control regulations regarding the supplement vitamin A and E is described, and what is satisfactory to be released to the public. The reader will be introduced to the basic concepts of chemical kinetics with emphasis on catalysts, Arrhenius kinetics, and zeroth order reactions. Anton Parr’s density meter and Rapid-Oxy will be described both theoretically and practically. An oil study was performed to see which oils had the strongest antioxidant properties. At the conclusion of the oil study, oxidation studies of mixtures of olive oil and canola oil were performed to see which mixture was optimal in terms of cost and antioxidant properties. After many combinations were tried, the 200000 IU (60 mg) and 100000 IU (30 mg) vitamin A supplements were produced with α-tocopherol in an oil mixture of 20 % olive and 80 % canola oil. Density and viscosity measurements were taken to characterize the physical properties of the oil, and ensure that there would be no difficulties in the encapsulation process compared to the original formulation. The findings will be taken back to Catalent Pharma Solutions to conduct further studies and hopefully bring to market.