Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Electrical and Computer Engineering


authentication, physical unclonable function, secret key


Mitra Mirhassani




A physically unclonable function (PUF) is useful for authentication purposes and is a function created for its inherent uniqueness and inability of adversaries to duplicate it. In this thesis, a PUF is designed, which is a combination of both digital and analog circuits. This PUF could be designed partially based on a semi-automated approach using custom-built P-cells. The PUF is implemented using novel digital circuits, which have been designed using basic digital gates with a minimal number of transistors. The proposed PUF is developed by the introduction of a layer of multiplexers, which is triggered by a novel SR-latch based model for driving the selection lines. For a higher bit stability, the SR latch is combined with four-way asynchronous circuits, which are a class of coincident flip-flops. The resulted PUF consumes very little power and is suitable for sensors and low power applications. The proposed design was implemented in using the Cadence virtuoso IC 5.1.4 and based on the 180nm TSMC transistor models. The energy consumption and area of the proposed PUF is shown to be equal to 0.1132 fJ/bit and 8.03, which is considerably lower than the state of the arts. The uniqueness and reliability of the proposed PUF are estimated to be 48.66% and 99.33%.