Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering


1D, A/C, Amesim, simulation


Ofelia A. Jianu




Virtual product development has become the preferred approach for vehicle A/C system development. The advantages provided by virtual modelling compared to traditional approach are accelerated development pace and reduced cost. The thesis focuses on virtual modelling of the A/C system on a SUV vehicle based on experimental data. A virtual model of the A/C system is constructed and calibrated in Simcenter Amesim. The model includes a vapour-compression refrigeration cycle and a cabin air model. The components are modelled and calibrated based on supplier data. The two thermal systems interact thermally at the evaporator level. The cabin air blower unit with a PI controller and a small DC motor is also modelled in MATLAB/Simulink. The virtual thermal model is able to simulate the cabin air temperature development during High Ambient AUTO mode drive cycle. The controlled DC motor system tracks reference speed to provide adequate air flow for the cabin. The virtual models can be used for A/C system and components performance analysis and optimization. The modelling process provides deeper understanding on thermal and control systems design.