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Master Thesis

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Das, Sreekanta (Civil & Environmental Engineering)


Engineering, Structural.



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Buried pipeline may be subjected to various complex combinations of forces and deformations. As a result, localized curvature and strains may occur in the pipe wall and wrinkle may form. The wrinkled pipeline may then develop a rupture and lose its structural integrity if it is subjected to further sustained deformation and/or load. This research program was designed to evaluate the post-wrinkling behaviour and structural integrity of wrinkled pipeline subjected to lateral and axial loads and internal pressure. This research program included both experimental and numerical studies. This study shows that a pipe does not fail in rupture if the pipe is subjected to an axisymmetric axial monotonic deformation and wrinkle is developed. However, a rupture is developed in the wrinkle region if the wrinkled pipe is subjected to lateral deformation. Parametric studies were also undertaken to understand the effect of D/t, and internal pressure on pipe failure mode.