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Master Thesis

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Clinton Beckford


Advocacy, Agency, Barriers, Girls’ Education, Self-efficacy, Sub-Saharan Africa



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Considerable research has been conducted to identify the barriers to girls’ education in sub-Saharan Africa and the reasons for their existence. These factors can be grouped into three different categories: economic, socio-cultural, and contextual. There are steps that can and must be taken in order to support girls in their educational endeavours in sub-Saharan Africa. These steps include, but are not limited to, addressing cultural biases towards girls and education; eradicating gender-based violence in schools; improving infrastructure issues; and increasing the number of female teachers in classrooms. This study will explore the educational experiences of secondary school girls in Singida, Tanzania and possible strategies to empower girls through enhanced self-efficacy, agency, and advocacy. Specifically, the study will examine the effects of a girls’ leadership and empowerment program among the program’s participants. The goal is to assess the potential of scaled-up programs like this to change the trajectory of girls as they transition to womanhood.