Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Learning curve, Process Platform, Product family, Product variety, Value stream maps


Waguih El Maraghy


Hoda El Maraghy




Customers tend to have various needs, desires, and manufacturers are looking for ways to respond to these multiple needs efficiently and effectively. They try to offer their customers multiple products with the shortest delivery time and minimum cost while maintaining customers’ desired quality. One of the strategies that help manufacturers meet their customers' needs is customization. However, to manage this strategy's downsides, manufacturers need to maintain a particular variety level to reduce production costs and time. There are many methodologies to manage the variety. One of the most important ones is creating product families, that is possible to form through many different approaches; From considering BOM to process sequences. This research believes "value stream" is an effective means to form product families. This thesis, studies different family forming methodologies, and moves through investigating the value stream map of some products, then forms the families within a case study. Manufacturing data was collected from the past year and it was processed by process flow analysis, value stream maps and rank order clustering methods. Then, this research recognized the variants and calculated the similarity and volume coefficients to form product families. Finally, learning curve analysis evaluated the results of formed product families. The formed product families can help the manufacturer reduce waiting times and improve process cycle times.