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C.J. Ball


N.H. Williams




The aim of this study was to determine the extent of substance use, specifically alcohol, tobacco and cannabis by grade six, seven and eight students in Lambton County. If sufficient evidence of drug use was documented through this study, it was hoped that better programming would be implemented for students in the Lambton County schools.

The questionnaire asked specifically the amount of possible involvement with alcohol, tobacco and cannabis by students within the last month. It was found that students that lived within the City of Sarnia (core schools) were significantly more likely to be involved with all substances tested. It was also found that students from nuclear family homes or early adoptive homes were significantly less likely to become involved with substances than students that came from alternative living arrangements. Similarily, students that were from environments with two leqally married parents were less likely to be involved when compared to other family composition arrangements.

Males were significantly more likely to become involved with cannabis than females. However, no significance at p=.05 level was reported for alcohol and tobacco. Following national trends, females were slightly more active in the use of tobacco than males.

Lastly, no difference was recorded between the amount of use of the substances when compared to the age of first experimentation.

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