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Civil and Environmental Engineering


S. Alirezaee


Y.H. Kim




The contemporary social, environmental, and economic challenges and the emerging debate about resiliency have called for a new definition for sustainable buildings. The current green building rating systems are limited in their scope and cannot provide a comprehensive assessment. Hence, an ideal rating system should encompass the triple bottom line (TBL) of sustainability and resiliency with a life cycle thinking perspective. Previous studies highlight a number of issues with green buildings rating systems, such as focusing on point hunting, being complicated, and being expensive in small-scale projects.

This research developed a BIM-based sustainability rating method for single-family detached houses (SFDHs). Key performance indicators (KPIs) were used based on an extensive literature review to determine the TBL and resiliency performance. BIM and LCSA were integrated using visual programming. Comprehensive life cycle impact databases were developed using life cycle sustainability assessment. The sustainability performance of SFDHs was compared using the proposed method. Energy accounting was used to validate the results of the proposed method. This research is expected to redefine sustainable buildings and extend the body of knowledge on BIM-based LCSA. In addition, the integration of BIM-LCSA provides a design evaluation platform to enhance the sustainability performance of buildings.