Date of Award


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Civil and Environmental Engineering


E. Abdel-Raheem


Expanded glass, Lightweight, Mortar, Supplementary cementitious materials (SCM), Thermal conductivity




One of the effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of buildings is the use of thermally efficient materials in the production of various building envelop elements such as wall panels. With the increasing sustainability awareness in the construction industry and the use of cementitious materials being the most used construction materials, eco-friendly materials such as expanded glass can be utilized as lightweight aggregates to produce lightweight mortars for the construction of these elements. This thesis presents the results from the evaluation of mortars designed for the production of lightweight thermal efficient wall panels using expanded glass as aggregates. The experimental investigation was carried out in two phases. Phase 1 determined the physical, mechanical and durability performance of lightweight mortars made with expanded glass. Phase 2 evaluated the effect of various supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) as partial replacement of the Portland cement (PC). The findings from this study showed that it is viable to produce lightweight thermal efficient mortars using expanded glass.

Available for download on Friday, May 31, 2024