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Faculty of Law


Accessibility, Bangladesh, Legal reform, Maternal health services, Women with disabilities


T. Sheldon


L. Jacobs




This thesis investigates how and why women with disabilities are facing various kinds of barriers and challenges while accessing maternal health services. It tries to focus on the barriers in the built environment and attitudinal barriers that hinder the way of getting maternal health services by women with disabilities which they are entitled to.

A literature review discusses the major barriers which women with disabilities encounter across different jurisdictions along with Bangladesh. The literature review on the accessibility of Bangladesh and real-life stories confirms the existence of some common barriers women with disabilities face while accessing maternal health services.

Further, provisions of the international disability convention, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, were discussed to establish the state obligation of Bangladesh to ensure the health care rights of women with disabilities. Moreover, the importance of the compliance of the human-rights approach in a national legal framework was discussed.

In addition, legal lacunas of Bangladeshi laws were examined and possible legal interventions are discussed. Concerning that, Canadian accessibility provisions were taken into consideration for discussion.

To conclude, recommendations are provided including necessary legal reforms of existing laws, incorporating new concepts and provisions to ensure accessibility of maternal health service in Bangladesh.