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Civil and Environmental Engineering


Aggressive, Behavior, Behaviour, Driver, Driving, Simulator


N. Zhang


Y. Kim




As aggressive driving mainly caused speed-related crashes, aggressive driving must be prevented to improve road safety by identifying aggressive drivers and understand their characteristics and external factors associated with their behaviours. Thus, it is important to investigate relationships among aggressive driving, driver characteristics, and driving performance measures. The factors affecting aggressive driving are driving experience, self-estimation of driving skill, and willingness of taking risk while driving, and interactions with different drivers, not only driver’s own intention. To establish a framework for the analysis of aggressive driving, previous literature indicated driving performance measures and/or self-reported measures to be effective measures of aggressive driving. However, these previous studies tested aggressive driving patterns for only limited number of events, did not relate driver characteristics to aggressive driving in each event separately, and only used vehicle kinematics variables (e.g., mean speed), but not vehicle dynamics variables (e.g., brake pedal force) which better capture driver reaction and decision-making. This study identifies driving performance measures related to aggressive driving behaviours based on 55 drivers’ behaviours in 9 driving events using a driving simulator. The study also investigates relationships among driver characteristics, driver performance measures, and aggressive driving using 1) binary logistic regression model and 2) structural equation model. The results show that unique aggressive driving patterns and driver characteristics related to aggressive driving vary among different driving events and vehicle dynamics variables are important driving performance measures related to aggressive driving behaviours. Based on the results, the study recommends strategies to reduce aggressive driving considering surrounding conditions.