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Master Thesis

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Das, Sreekanta (Civil and Environmental Engineering)


Civil Engineering.



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A dent is a defect in the pipe wall in the form of localized inward plastic deformation. Dents are a matter of serious concern for pipeline operators because they may cause a rupture or a leak in the pipeline. Hence, a reliable strain-based criterion for the assessment of dents is very important. An understanding of the local strain distributions in the dent is very important for the development of a strain-based dent evaluation criterion. Therefore, this study was undertaken using full-scale tests and a parametric study to assess the influence of various parameters on the strain distributions in a dent. Additionally, the ASME strain-based dent evaluation criterion was reviewed. It was shown that strain distributions and strain values in a dent are significantly influenced by the dent depth, internal pressure, and dent shape. The study also noted that upgrading is required for the ASME criterion.