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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Artificial intelligence, Healthcare, Human-machine collaboration, Robotics



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Almost every individual has visited a healthcare institute, whether for an annual checkup, surgery, or a nursing home. Ensuring healthcare institutes are using human-machine collaboration systems correctly can improve daily operations. A maturity assessment and an implementation plan have been developed to help healthcare institutes monitor the human-machine collaboration systems. A maturity model, the Smart Maturity Model for Health Care (SMMHC), is a tool designed for maturity assessment. A four-step implementation plan was also created in this research. The implementation plan views the maturity of the institute and develops a strategy on how to improve it. The research utilized Integrated Definition (IDEF), Zachman Framework, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat (SWOT) analysis, surveys, and Systematic Design to design the SMMHC. Use cases and case studies were utilized to create the implementation plan.

One use case and two case studies were conducted to validate and verify the SMMHC and the four-step implementation plan. The use case illustrated a hypothetical situation using the SMMHC and helped develop the implementation plan. The two case studies show how hospitals can utilize the SMMHC and the implementation plan. The first case study completed at Henry Ford Hospital (HFH) Detroit campus shows that the hospital is only operating at the third maturity level. The second case study shows that Erie Shores Hospital (ESH) only works at the first maturity level. Implementation strategies were given to the two hospitals in the case study on how to improve. This research shows how healthcare institutes can utilize these tools to improve operations and become more efficient with human-machine collaboration systems.