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Copyright law, EU copyright directive, Ghana copyright law, Internet intermediaries, Musical works, Online content-sharing service Provider



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In the era of digitization and internet, the relevance of appropriate copyright laws that would safeguard the rights and interests of musicians and their works on internet platforms cannot be overemphasized, given the tendency for such platforms to facilitate the unauthorized access of copyrighted contents.

In Ghana, the pervasive issues around music copyright and the internet as characterized by unlicensed access to copyrighted works on internet and digital platforms, have been subjected to some intense conversations that border on the potency of the laws, as well as the effectiveness of the various mandated state institutions in responding to such issues.

Utilizing the doctrinal research methodology, this thesis explores the feasibility of implementing a holistic copyright legislation similar to Article 17 of the European Union’s (EU) copyright directive in Ghana to help address copyright issues on the various internet platforms.

The use of the EU regulatory model is significant in this research because it is one of the latest copyright regulatory developments that seeks to address the unauthorized use of copyright works on the internet by implementing a compulsory licensing model. Information from various primary and secondary sources have been used to provide a detailed insight on online musical works in Ghana, the protection of online musical works, and Article 17 of the EU’s copyright directive. Furthermore, the prospects and challenges associated with implementing a copyright regime like Article 17 of EU’s copyright directive are discussed. The thesis concludes by making some recommendations that would inform the formulation of a relevant copyright legislation to adequately address online music copyright issues in Ghana.

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